President of Disaster Recovery Relief Organization Ramps up his Leadership Team

michaelST. LOUIS, MO, (FEBRUARY 6, 2015) –  Michael Hosto, President of 1-800-BOARDUP, has enhanced his Leadership Team this year by using the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) and putting more emphasis on culture and leadership.

“My single biggest goal for 2015 is to enhance the culture of the organization,” Hosto said. “To do this I have to start at the top with the leadership team.”

EOS is a business system that integrates a well-rounded business model with a specific set of tools and processes to help align all aspects of the business to produce more effective results. The program has three main focuses – vision, traction and health. First, ensuring the leaders know what the company’s vision is and continually striving to make that vision a reality. Then, it helps leaders become more disciplined and accountable; and lastly, it helps leaders to become a healthy, cohesive team.

Hosto has been developing this Leadership Team over the past two years, and he claims this year will be the team’s best year yet. The 1-800-BOARDUP Leadership Team includes Hosto, President and Director of Culture and Leadership; Joyce Clemens, the Vice President and Chief Operations Officer; Jim Heffernan, the Vice President of Sales; Jeff Clohessy, Vice President of Training; Beth Toenies, the Vice President of Marketing and Process; and Brian Pinkley, the Controller.

Although Hosto is the founder and President of 1-800-BOARDUP, he prefers the title of Director of Culture and Leadership, to remind him every day of his true focus. Hosto says that it’s been his personal mission to create an environment that attracts and retains “A” players who are committed to his vision. With these “A” players on his team, anything is possible.

“Great culture and high performance people, combined with a great business model and well-designed processes will produce predictably reliable results,” Hosto said. He believes that with this new program he can be continually committed to enhancing the skills of his leadership team by investing in the team’s professional development and cultivating a great culture.

1-800-BOARDUP is a values-focused fire restoration company that provides comprehensive recovery services to fire victims in need. While each office is independently owned and operated, 1-800-BOARDUP is the largest franchise company that specializes in emergency response services for disasters.

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To learn more about the EOS program and the success 1-800-BOARDUP has had after its implementation, contact Beth Toenies.