Michael Hosto spent much of elementary school on a farm in a small town called Farmersville, MO. In middle school, Michael moved to St. Louis, MO, where he later found a love for writing and became a leader of his high school newspaper. Upon graduation, he enrolled at the University of Missouri to study Journalism. While in college, he realized that his true passion was for learning to build businesses so he changed programs and began to pursue a degree in business and leadership.

Shortly after college, Michael began his career in the fire damage restoration business with industry leader, Paul Davis Restoration. In the late 80s, he began to climb the ladder of success and was eventually noticed by the CEO for creating relationships with non-traditional referral sources. During this time he also became an American Red Cross Disaster Action Team volunteer and built strong relationships within the local chapter. Together, with chapter officials, they designed a new program that would provide emergency structural stabilization services to local fire victims.

After many enjoyable years with the Paul Davis Restoration organization, Michael went on to start his own fire damage restoration company. Years later, he sold that company to an employee and a local insurance agent and went on to work for a large international disaster recovery organization based out of Washington, DC. Although he found this large-scale disaster work exciting, the overwhelming travel requirements made him return home to his roots in the fire damage restoration business. It was then that he and a childhood friend started a restoration company together in St. Louis, MO.

The competition was well established within the local claims community; consequently, the business initially struggled to gain acceptance. In order to compete, he found it necessary to focus his energy on developing highly productive, alternative referral sources.

The result of such focus was the creation of 1-800-BOARDUP. Together with a team of highly committed and uniquely talented people, Michael has created an amazing organization made up of a remarkable network of disaster recovery professionals that service the needs of victims of catastrophe – available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, all across North America. The service offerings go much deeper than just the standard emergency structural stabilization services. 1-800-BOARDUP puts more emphasis on the victim and helping them in their time of need.

Michael and his team have created a better way – a better way for fire departments that are committed to providing drastically improved services to their community. A better way for claims professionals, who put the needs of their insured above all else. A better way for fire restoration companies, who seek independence from the constraints of traditional models. A better way for fire victims, who would be left standing in their front yard dazed and confused or worse yet, left to the opportunistic vultures that prey on these poor unsuspecting souls.

Michael developed a trusted leadership team comprised of top-notch talent and, together with the 1-800-BOARDUP team, they assist other high-integrity organizations that share our commitment to help victims of disaster. Although 1-800BOARDUP is a for-profit enterprise, its true success is measured by its ability to effectively serve those in need and will never be measured in dollars and cents alone.

1-800-BOARDUP is committed to a higher purpose and the road less traveled. All 1-800-BOARDUP business decisions are based upon its unwavering commitment to its core principles and values; those principles and values are never influenced by money, profit or growth. 1-800BOARDUP is selective when choosing who to work with because the company views working relationships as commitments and places the highest value upon opportunities to work with those who share its values and its commitment to doing what is right in all circumstances.

Michael now resides in Atlantic Beach, FL, with his wonderful wife and three adorable children. He works in 1-800BOARDUP’s Jacksonville Beach satellite office, where he can watch the dolphins and sharks feed from his desk.

To reach Michael Hosto email him at MichaelHosto(at) 1-800BOARDUP.com