Jacksonville Beach, FL, June 27, 2014:  On every first Friday night of the month, beginning at 7 pm, the Jacksonville Beach Drum Circle is an amazing experience to witness, let alone play in. Some drummers are regulars, and others show up sporadically. The styles of the drum circle rhythms they play range from Latin, African, Caribbean, Middle Eastern, to some plain old funky Freestyles.

Michael Hosto, founder of the Jacksonville Beach Family Drum Circle, says their goal is “to create an opportunity for people who love music to come together to share their musical spirit, where the surf meets the sand. Blending percussion, dancers, hula-hoopers, and flow arts, all are welcomed to come, share and enjoy. Even if you don’t want to play, we invite you to just come and watch!”

Fun for everyone, the drum circle gathering is musical soup that is created by the flavors of all who contribute. It is a family and community-oriented weekly event, so children are welcomed. While no experience is necessary to join in, according to Hosto, attendees may see everything from seasoned musicians who just want to kick back and jam, to beginners who are trying out their new drum, and everything in between. Young and old, people from all backgrounds and different cultures all come together, get along, and communicate through the music.

Hosto says that there is no set end time, so come for a good evening of music, or stop by for a few minutes to check it out.  Currently located in Jacksonville Beach around 18th Avenue North, this is a monthly event to be sure to experience.