givewhatfiretakesSince March is Red Cross month, the American Red Cross has launched a new social media campaign with the tagline #GiveWhatFireTakes. It was created in conjunction with its Home Fire Preparedness Campaign and it’s meant to put emphasis on supporting the survivors of home fires. 


The Red Cross is asking people to take action by purchasing symbolic items with monetary donations. For example, they ask donors to “help provide two blankets by donating $10″ or “help provide clothing and shoes for a family by donating $100.”

1-800-BOARDUP is a proud American Red Cross Disaster Responder whose mission is to “help people recover from one of the worst days of their lives.” I figured, what better way to strengthen our relationship with the Red Cross and help survivors than to join the cause! 


We have encourage all of our Local Service Providers to join the campaign by reaching out to their stakeholders, family, friends, etc. to help raise funds while helping to meet their $3,000 commitment to the Red Cross. We are even getting the St. Louis Home Office involved by having our staff reach out to their network to help fund-raise. We provided a template email that includes a link to our Red Cross microsite for our Local Service Partners and Home Office members to send out to help fund-raise. 

I believe this is a very noble cause, and I’m always happy to help spread the word and raise funds for the Red Cross in any way possible.


You can join the campaign, too! Help spread awareness and share with others what motivated you to join the campaign on social media using the tagline #GiveWhatFireTakes. You can also visit 1-800-BOARDUP’s Red Cross microsite to help support the campaign and donate to the cause. Together, we can make a difference!