Although I am the founder and President of 1-800-BOARDUP, I prefer to use the title Director of Culture and Leadership to remind myself daily of my true focus. I am committed to cultivating a great culture – a culture of excellence and unity, enthusiasm and leadership. The emphasis I put on culture is what helps to make my organization so successful. I have realized a number of things in my quest to create such a culture for my company, but I wanted to share a few key reasons why I believe culture is so essential to an organization’s overall success.

Happy Employees are More EngagedCompany Culture

People who enjoy their peers and enjoy what they do are often a lot happier, and if employees are happy then they are going to being more engaged in the company. A person who is more engaged is usually more productive and committed to furthering the organization’s vision. It’s my job to create an environment where people want to come in every day and are excited to be there. By doing so, I can continue to keep office morale and productivity levels high while elevating employee satisfaction rates.

Values Appeal to Employees

I continue to maintain a company identity with our core values. I strive to create a company culture where people want to work and aim to be better because they truly believe in our organization and the services we offer. I want to ensure that everyone understands our mission and values and is on board with what we stand for, “drinking the Kool-Aid” so to speak.

I have created 1-800-BOARDUP to be a very values-based organization and I want my employees to embody what these values mean. My vision is for everyone to radiate the 1-800-BOARDUP culture and use that as a way to unite everyone toward the common goal of the organization’s well-being.

Attracting and Retaining “A” Players

A company is a sum of its parts. I only want the best “parts” to be involved in my company.

Great companies attract great employees. I want to employ only the best of the best – people who I call “A” players. It became my personal mission to create a cultural environment that attracts and retains “A” players because I know we can only go where we want to go with a team of committed “A” players who share our values.

When I find these high-quality people, I want to keep them so I have to continue to create a working environment that they enjoy. I believe that a great culture and high-performance people, combined with a great business model and well-designed processes, will produce predictably reliable results. For this reason, I ensure that cultivating an amazing company culture is at the forefront of my duties.

Maintaining a company’s culture is an ongoing process that has many moving parts. It’s something that you have to continually work on and make sure you put emphasis on cultivating this culture to continue to attract and retain “A” players that make the business the best it can be.

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